Family Reunion Group Trips

You’ll find out fast that planning a reunion is no easy task. If you think finding and choosing a venue is hard or if you had trouble choosing a menu, wait until all the tiny little problems you never thought of pop up. That’s when it gets hard. Time is running out, money is running thin and patience is running short- but never fear. From the venue to the menu, it’s all very worth it in the end.

Even if you’re not in charge of the reunion, it can be a very stressful thing…

How long has it been? How do I look? What should I wear?”

All these questions and more will cross your mind. It’s all leading to the big moment. The day the group is reunited.

That being said, reunions are some of the most satisfying events of a person’s life. Coming together with people you have missed, who made a difference in your life at some point gives us a fulfilled feeling. Psychologists say that story-telling and reminiscing are an integral part of the human growth cycle. According to Dr. Gene Cohen, author of “The Mature Mind: The Positive Power of the Aging Brain” humans are driven to share their experiences in the second half of their life. Reunions are the perfect opportunity for that.

Family Reunion Group Trips have the added benefit of being so very personal. It’s a wonderful time to gather family health histories that may affect you or your children or grandchildren. Feel out how your family is run and how it fits into the groove with your other relative’s family dynamics. Seeing how others do things can help you see what might work better in your own home.

Family Reunion Group Trips

Reunions are hard to plan unless you can get fantastic group rates. They’re also not always easy to get to… but in the end, they’re worth their weight in gold!

Here are some surprising health benefits to attending reunions.

  • Satisfies physiological needs
  • Fun, exciting, memorable
  • Healthy, beneficial to overall well-being
  • Gather health histories, records, facts
  • Brings families closer together
  • Sense of community and belonging increases serotonin levels

There isn’t anything much more exciting than planning a reunion with people you love. Bring a camera and even a journal to keep track of the memories. You’ll be very glad you did! So, get going and start your group trip reunion today and request your group rates!