Beaches are utterly perfect for honeymoon getaways. Every newlywed fantasizes about warm tropical nights walking along the beach with their new partner in life. There are a ton of benefits to an island honeymoon getaway.  Adults Only Group Travel is your ticket to an all inclusive fantasy vacation!

Adults Only Group Travel


Sand, Sun and Surf

Swimming and sunbathing are a given for any honeymoon getaway. Island trips also offer the added benefits of snorkeling, diving and surfing the mammoth waves. Snorkeling in the pristine waters among the coral reefs and abundant marine life lends an air of magic. Everything seems surreal but crystal clear simultaneously.


Beach honeymoon getaways are often rife with resorts and spas. You’ll find a lot of great food at these resorts. Award winning chefs whip up one-of-a-kind creations to the delight and admiration of newlyweds.

Don’t count out the little guys, however. Some of the best food you will ever taste comes from the locally owned cafes along the streets of island towns. These are the best places to get a real taste of authentic native flavors.


Shopping on a honeymoon getaway is one of the best parts. Island and beach resorts have excellent little shops and unique boutiques with handmade merchandise you just can’t find anywhere else. These little shops are a great way to celebrate the native culture as well. Many of the local beliefs and traditions are represented in the handmade wares.


A wonderful added benefit to an island honeymoon getaway is the educational value. There are museums of natural history, nature centers, historical landmarks and many festivals and events celebrating the cultures and traditions of the natives. Learning about a foreign culture is always amazing. Learning new ideas and thinking new thoughts with the person you just married is an ethereal moment.

Adults Only Group Travel


Island honeymoon getaways are always incredible for obvious reasons. Just a few features include:

  • Swimming, sunbathing
  • Snorkeling, diving, surfing
  • Shopping, stores, specialty shops
  • Culture, museums, nature centers

Sun, sand and surf are only the beginning. The food, shopping and historical significance make it worth the trip. Come see how your honeymoon getaway could be the trip of a lifetime by getting a quote for group rates!